40+ tutoriales gratis de R

Aquí va una lista de más de 40 tutoriales gratis de R alojados en distintas universidades a lo largo del mundo. Los tutoriales están listados sin ningún orden en particular, si tienes alguno bueno hayas descubierto y que quieras compartirlo, por favor escríbenos para agregarlo a esta lista!. Saludos!

  1. University of California at Davis,
    Getting Started with the R Data Analysis Package
    by Professor Norm Matloff
  2. Clarkson University,
    R Tutorial
    Kelly Black
  3. York University,
    Getting started with R
  4. University of Waterloo
    R Tutorial For A WINDOWS Environment (WindowsUnix)
  5. University of California at Los Angles, UCLA,
    Resources to help you learn and use R
  6. University of California at Riverside.
    Programming in R
  7. University of Illinois,
    A Brief Introduction to R
  8. University of Texas at Austin,
    R Tutorial Videos
    by Brandon K. Vaughn
  9. University of California at Berkeley,
    An Introduction to R (PDF)
    by Phil Spector
  10. University of California at Santa Babara,
    R Programming Resource Centre
    by National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
  11. Chiang Mai University,
    Econometrics with R (in Thai)
    by Pairach Piboonrungroj.
  12. University of Carnegie Mellon,
    A Tutorial: Some Fundamentals of R.
    by Bruce E. Trumbo
  13. University of Illinois State,
    R Tutorial.
    by Dong-Yun Kim
  14. University of MacMaster
    Introduction to the R Statistical Computing Environment.
    by John Fox.
  15. University of Princeton
    Introducing R
    by Germán Rodríguez
  16. University of Amsterdam,
    How to draw graphs with R,  [Graphics]
    by A.M. (Angelos-Miltiadis) Krypotos
  17. University of North Texas,
    Do it yourself – Introduction to R [Intro]
  18. University of Warwick,
    R programming page [Biosciences: Molecular Organisation and Assembly in Cells]
    by Peter Cock.
  19. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    R tutorial for Applied Econometrics
    by Prof. Roger Koenker
  20. Coastal Carolina University
    R tutorials [General]
    by  William B. King
  21. University of Colorado Denver
    R Tutorial [General]
    by  Stephanie Santorico and Mark Shin
  22. Stanford School of Medicine (Biomedical Informatics)
    R Tutorial [VDO on Introduction + Translational Bioinformatics]
  23. Harding University
    Producing Simple Graphs with R [basic graphic e.g., line, bar, hist, line]
    by Frank McCown
  24. University of KentuckyDepartment of Statistics
    Use Software R to do Survival Analysis and Simulation [pdf]
    by Mai Zhou
  25. University of Pittsburgh, Department of Statistics
    Time Series Analysis and Its Applications: With R Examples [2nd Edition]
    by R.H. ShumwayD.S. Stoffer
  26. University of Toronto
    R Tutorial [for Ecology]
    by the Cadotte Lab
  27. Florida State University
    Use R for Climate research
    by James B. Elsner & Thomas H. Jagger
  28. University of Washington
    Introduction to R [pdf]
    by  Jinyoung Kim
  29. Lancaster University (UK)
    R tutorial [web]
    by  Joe Whittaker
  30. University of Georgia Athens
    A short R tutorial [pdf]
    by Steven M. Holland
  31. University of Twente
    R tutorials [more than 1o tutorials about R in pdf + data & code]
    by D G Rossiter
  32. Vrijie University Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Handleiding R [R manual pdf in Dutch]
    by A.W. van der Vaart
  33. University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Introduction to R [web]
    by Karl W Broman
  34. City University of New York
    simpleR Using R for Introductory Statistics.
    by  John Verzani
  35. Pomona College
    An R tutorial [pdf]
    by Jo Hardin
  36. University of Alaska Fairbanks
    Using R [url]
    by the Biology & Wildlife Department computer
  37. University of Bath
    Practical Regression and Anova using R [pdf]
    Julian J. Faraway
  38. University of Goettingen
    Time Series Analysis with R - Part I [pdf]
    by Walter Zucchini and Oleg Nenadíc
    Statistical Analysis with R - a quick start – [pdf]
    by  Oleg Nenadíc and Walter Zucchini
  39. University of Washington, Department of Economics
    Working with Time Series Data in R [pdf]
    by Eric Zivot
  40. University of Liège, Faculty of Engineering
    Using R for Linear regression [pdf, 9 pages]
    by Kristel Van Steen
  41. University of Cambridge
    Local tips for R [url]  - in both statistics & graphics
    by Rudolf Cardinal
  42. Montana State University, Department of Mathematical Sciences
    Introduction to Sweave (R+LaTeX) [url]
    by Jim Robison-Cox

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